About Rosalind

gold coast psychologistRosalind Philp first trained as a Registered Nurse, Midwife and Operating Room Nurse. Following these five years of study and years of postgraduate experience in hospitals in Australia and overseas, she started studying Psychology full-time. 
She was awarded the Australian university qualifications of Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) and Master of Psychology (Clinical), and then completed a further intensive two year Registrarship at Royal Perth Hospital (RPH), Western Australia, achieving Specialist Title. Rosalind worked as Senior Clinical Psychologist for the Cancer Division, Major Trauma Outcome Clinic, and Inner City Mental Health Divisions at RPH, with a concurrent Private Practice since 1996. In 2001, Rosalind moved back to the Gold Coast.

Rosalind is a full member of the Australian Psychological Society, and the Australian College of Clinical Psychologists. This requires continuous professional development and education about best-practice evidence-based theories and treatments. Treatments are based upon the latest research into which factors and content ensure effective and permanent positive bio-psycho-social outcomes.

For thirty-five years Rosalind has worked at senior levels in major teaching hospitals and community mental health organizations and in private practice. She has worked with both West Australian and Queensland Health departments designing services for psychosocial cancer care and improving services for people struggling with mental health problems and alcohol or drug abuse/misuse. 
She enjoys working with adults, adolescents, couples and groups, and has extensive experience in consultant liaison, and health psychology- helping people live better with chronic health problems such as cancer, kidney and heart problems, diabetes, pain, and in reducing the effects of near and past trauma and stress.  Her practice today reflects a keen interest in maximizing quality of life, promoting happiness, function and success.